Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm Still Here...

For those of you that stuck with me, THANK YOU.  I'm still here... Barely hanging on, but I’m still alive and well. 

I don't get this blogging stuff…  It says I have 13 followers, but it's only showing 5...  And...  Many of the blogs I was following are now gone...  I’m kinda sad because I really enjoyed reading them all. (Insert sad face here.) What’s the deal Blogger?  Really?

The past few months have been rough. Not rough due to any illness or anything, unless LAZINESS is an illness, but I’m pretty positive it’s not.  Just flat out rough.  I just stopped tracking, stopped exercising, stopped caring, stopped living the healthy life I was beginning to love, and like every other time, I gained a crap load of weight back.  I’m embarrassed to even admit it, but it’s the truth.  The truth sets you free, right? RIGHT??  I guess I’m ready to be set free.  I’m tired of disappointing myself.  I’m tired of feeling like a “blob.” My clothes are starting to look like a second layer of skin, whereas a few months ago, they were starting to fall off of me. (Insert another sad face here.) The bitch we call Yo-Yo Dieting really is evil and should be avoid at all cost.  Just sayin’.  I know this, but I often temp her and she always seems to win.  Not this time…  I’m stopping her in her tracks.  I will accept what has already been done, and move on from there.  I will accept the weight gain and the embarrassment that only I created, pick it up, put it to the side and move on with my life.

Here’s to getting back on track and staying there.  February and the rest of 2012 will be mine.  I’m also signing up for the Color Run Atlanta 5K at the end of March.  Even though I will probably walk it, it’s a step in the right direction.  And that treadmill I was talking about a few months ago…  I got it, and it’s all ready to be used.  I can do this.  And I will do this.  Pinky Promise!

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  1. Hi, saw your blog and sounds like recently things have been tough! I hope you get right back at it and signing up for the 5k might be the spark you need? Maybe try running? Anyway, just thought I would say hi,and offer encouragement to not give in!!